Dangers of Poor Sleep

Poor sleep effects the body in many ways. Most people think about the most common, which is weight gain. It is true, not sleeping well can make you gain weight. Memory loss, anxiety, and depression are also common among our patients. Once they begin effectively treating their poor sleep, they do see these conditions improve greatly. We update patients’ medical providers so they can work with the patient on medication changes as needed. The goal is for the body to begin regulation itself more appropriately.

It’s not just the mental effects though. The body pays a price, too. Diabetes, thyroid issues, and blood pressure problems are all tied to low quality sleep. Female’s menstrual cycles and fertility can also be affected. Chronic pain and inflammation can be harder to control with substandard sleep. Most people don’t realize how sleep quality affects our hormone production. The physical and mental changes from having a sleep deficiency can be detrimental to patients.